Please note that this DTD is only intended for people understanding the reasoning behind XML and DTD’s. In case you would not have enough knowledge on this subject, please go to W3Schools.com first.

This DTD offers you the XML description of the content of TELEBIB2. More precisely, this DTD contains the total structure of TELEBIB2 and all its data elements.
In its present version, the DTD enables exactly the same relationships as TELEBIB2/UN/EDIFACT does, i.e. the potential presence of all data elements in all segment groups. It is the working group’s intention to produce DTD’s based upon the TELEBIB2 data model.

09/02/2007 : Note from the Telebib2 Co-ordinator : the above is no longer true, as for quite some time changes to the UN/Edifact Repository have not been incorporated into the DTD.

The entry point into the DTD is "Telebib2Message". You can reach this point in the DTD via the “Find” function under “Edit” on the Menu bar of your browser.

You can navigate through the DTD via different links (text in black).

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Although this is not the final result of the TELEBIB2/XML Working Party’s activities, it is found useful to already publish the DTD by now. The general idea is to get from potential users as much comments as possible in order to secure the highest level of quality for this and all future TELEBIB2 DTD's. Comments can be sent to the TELEBIB2 Co-ordinator
If you need further information, don't hesitate to contact the TELEBIB2 Co-ordinator .
03/09/2007 : We started publishing our schemata (xsd files) related developments. This information has now been regrouped on a specific page.