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Data Model
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Maybee, first some basic theory and some good practices...
The documentation as generated (see the package "Telebib2Model" and there "Entities" for the actual Data Model) (2015 version)
Our Multi Lingual View (you can also enter this view from within the Dictionary) (2012 version)
Download the model
In the *.eap format Size = 15423 KB
Download and unzip the *.eap file.
Access the file with the "Enterprise Architect Lite" tool.
(An alternative is this; the result of a series of XMI exports, but not coming from my latest eap-file.)
In *.mdb format Size = 5257 KB
Download and unzip the *.mdb file, you can access the file with "Microsoft Access".
Note this is an extract from the *.eap file. The "Dictionary" pages and the "Multi Lingual View" of our website do function on top of these tables.
De inhoud van het model is actueel. Eén van de kenmerken van een model is dat het nooit volledig is.
Ingeval u behoeften hebt die niet door het huidige model gedekt zijn of welke commentaren dan ook, neem dan contact op met de TELEBIB-coördinator.
Le contenu de ce modèle est à jour. Une des caractéristiques d'un modèle est que ce n'est jamais complet.
Si vous avez des besoins qui ne sont pas couverts par leprésent modèle ou des commentaires à ce propos, veuillez contacter le coordinateur TELEBIB.
The content of this model is up to date. One of the characteristics of a model is that it is never complete.
In case you would have needs which are not covered by the present model or comments of any kind, please contact the TELEBIB Co-ordinator.

In de periode einde 2007, begin 2008 zijn we andere tools gaan gebruiken, in casu "Enterprise Architect".
We wensen het tot op dat ogenblik gebruikte materiaal nog beschikbaar te houden,vandaar hieronder de toegang tot wat met de db-main tool aangemaakt is.

Fin 2007, début 2008 nous avons commencé à utiliser d'autres outils, notamment "Enterprise Architect".
Nous pensons que nous devons sauvegarder le matériel comme disponible en telle période. Ci-dessous nous vous offrons les accès aux informations confectionnées avec l'outil db-main.

By the end of 2007, and starting 2008 onwards, we began using other tools, especially "Enterprise Architect".
We think we must secure the material as accumulated at that moment. That is why we continue offering below access to the information which has been assembled using the db-main tool.
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Download the model
In db-main format Size = 192 KB
Download the .lun file in the same folder as you downloaded the db-main viewer.
You can take a look at a pdf print-out (dated 19.06.2007) here.
We rearranged the model in search for some more structuring (dated 04.07.2007); try it here.